Hörtkorn® Project Insurance

The insurance solution for construction and assembly projects

Quality, commitment, competence and passion always count. Only working with the right specialists gets a perfect result. As an independent insurance broker, we have been committed to the interests of our customers to realize optimal risk protection since 1966.

What is Hörtkorn Project Insurance?

Hörtkorn Project Insurance offers builders, investors, project developers and general contractors comprehensive insurance cover tailored to the specifics of your construction project.

The special feature of this solution is that it applies comprehensively to all those involved in planning and construction and standardizes the Contractors‘ All Risk (CAR), Erection All Risk (EAR) and liability insurances (including Principal‘s liability, Third Party and Public liability, Professional liability and Environmental liability) of all those involved in construction in a transparent concept.

The Hörtkorn Project Protection has various advantages over conventional insurance solutions. Hörtkorn Project Protection reduces the total cost of risk and includes a higher investment and planning security for our clients.

Hörtkorn project insurance can be set up as a framework contract solution for all construction projects or on a project-by-project basis for individual construction projects and can be individually adapted to the respective needs both in terms of the scope of insurance and with regard to coverage amounts, deductibles and other agreements.

Hörtkorn Project Insurance

The better concept for professionally insuring your projects offers:

Higher legal and investment protection

Clear and faster claims settlements

Less administration

Reduced insurance costs

The advantages of the solution


Less damage-related construction downtimes, faster claims settlements and avoidance of unnecessary disputes among construction parties or their insurers through clear responsibilities of only one insurer.


Uniform interface-free insurance cover for all construction parties including subcontractors from abroad.


No insurance gaps for the construction parties involved. For example: Insolvency, termination of agreement, depleted coverage or non-payment of insurance premiums.


Material waiver of recourse against the damage-causing co-insurant and their own insurance contracts.


No time-consuming examination of the insurance certificates of all production engineers, main or subcontractors.


Entire transparency regarding insurance contents, claim adjustment and premium payments with simultaneous reduction of insurance costs.


The premium is apportionable and may be distributed among the construction parties according to the usual procedures.


Optionally, lost profits and ongoing costs, resulting from delayed completion due to material damage, can be insured. This can include, for example, rental income, cost of finances, or outstanding costs for construction acceleration measures.

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